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Our Expertise?

We have developed a vast team known for prompt real-time and professional customer service in handling any problem that might be encountered in the use of any solution provided by us or an existing client solution/IT infrastructures. Our team of Engineers also work closely with our clients in ensuring that we not only provide them with products/services but also become their partner in seeing to the success of their business where our involvements are required.

Our organization has worked efficiently in different capacities of IT solution provision which include computer hardware/software deployment and servicing, Networking,Intranet Mail Server deployment, and also sales of Computer Hardware & Accessories. Below are the detailed highlights of what we are fully involved in.


We are into Networking of computer systems and peripherals and we deploy both wired, wireless and hybrid networking.
i.) Wired Networking: – This has to do with laying of cables and trunks to interconnect all the computers in the organization for ability of sharing internet connection, files and resources.

ii.) Wireless Networking: – This is recommended system for organization(s) where restructuring (Desks re-arrangement) is done on regular bases and it also used more when most of the users are mobile PC users (Laptops). This does not need wires to connect but wireless cards and wireless router(s).

iii.) VPN: – Virtual Private Network

iv.) Hybrid Networking: – This is used mostly when the organization has a lot of desktop users and a number of Laptop users and they can all use the same local network resources and also the internet.

Intranet Mail Services

For higher level of productivity, there is always need for faster detailed communication within an organization, so as a result of this, we provide a versatile & cost effective solution that allow organizations to effectively communicate with the ability of sending mails within the office with or without the availability of an internet access. In as much as the office is properly networked, all users will be able to send mail within the organization and this comes with adequate flexibilities that make it possible to use it with Outlook Express (Microsoft Windows Mail Client) and also with the option of its web integration.

Multimedia Presentation

We create multimedia presentation for different organization that could be used for different things like Interactive Company Profile, Training, Proposals, Interactive Path Map and so on. We also package Multimedia CD with CD designing and label printing.


As part of our services, we supply various kinds of IT hardware equipments and accessories with guaranteed qualities. Our capacity in these,has given us edge to be a major IT hardware and accessories supplier for various organizations with reliable and prompt deliver over the years.

General Consultancy

In addition, we offer consultancy services on Information Technology issues coupled with organizing of Multimedia Training of various kinds at any levels and capacities.
We also provide experienced IT manpower services to clients who are always in the need of IT experts to work with them on contract level. All our professionals are graduates, well seasoned and also have all developed a high level of passion to learn and know more on the job.
Providing and managing these professionals have never been a problem for us because we are driven with one passion and that is to provide the best solution for our clients.

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