How to Have a Great Board Meeting

There is no doubt that running a board meeting can be a time-consuming, frustrating task. Your meetings can turn into a waste of time and productivity in the absence of focus, structure, or even energy. There are a few simple steps you can do to ensure that your directors are fully engaged and take part in a productive board meeting.

At a minimum, once a year Review Your Meetings

The process of collecting feedback is one the best ways to improve the quality of meetings. After a few of your meetings and discussions, ask your board members to take two sticky notes, and mark “+” on the areas that were good and “-” on the areas that could be improved. Then ask them to stick the notes on a board that they can place next to the door, allowing everyone to identify what needs to modified.

Control Your Time

Keep your meetings short so that you can have a meaningful discussion and decision-making. Avoid the temptation to include lengthy reports and “have to” items on your agenda. Consider breaking down detailed information from your board’s book into smaller topics for discussion. Also, you can have your directors conduct their own research before the meeting and bring their own questions to be discussed.

Board meetings are also a great opportunity to increase the team’s enthusiasm and spur actions. Incorporate “mission moments” to the meeting, so that your board members will listen to testimonials and stories about the impact that your organization has on people’s life. This can be a great energy booster for your group.