How to Get the Most Out of Your Board Meeting Process

Board meetings can take a long time, and require that you spend most of time taking notes or analyzing them. Based on the manner in which you conduct your board meetings, it is possible that there is little time to take decisions.

Making the most of your board meetings requires structure and discipline. This means preparing an agenda, setting an area for meetings and dispersing relevant materials prior to the meeting. This will allow your board members to prepare for the meeting, gather opinions and ask questions. When the discussion begins they will arrive prepared and confident that they can contribute to the final outcome.

The officer will greet attendees with a message of welcome. The chair then addresses old, new, and other issues, in chronological order. Old business is comprised of items that the board has previously deliberated and voted on or against. New business consists of items the board hasn’t previously considered and is currently examining for approval. Other business is for unscheduled items like naming an executive committee or the appointment of director.

After the discussion is complete, the chairman submits all motions to a vote. This could include changing the articles of incorporation, approving certain transactions, and ratifying the decisions taken by directors. It also involves the decision-making process and the approval of plans of action. It is helpful to set KPIs that are in line with your company’s goal and quantifiable in order to aid your board members in deciding on its strategy. These KPIs can later be used to measure the effectiveness of the strategies your board is considering.

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