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Dedicated engineering engagements to ensure you get the most out of your GitLab investment. We have multiple locations across Europe, making it easier for you to access our services. Equip your system administrators with the necessary GitLab knowledge to manage your GitLab instance effectively. Delight your customers with seamless operation & instant updates using cost-effective, flexible, and scalable system.

gitlab implementation consultant

The cost varies based on the scope of services required, the size and complexity of your organization, and the duration of the engagement. Our services include resilient and secure GitLab installations, utilizing best practices for backup, upgrade, design, and implementation. We offer support from multiple locations, ensuring that you get timely help whenever you need it. As a Partner of GitLab, we bring you the most reliable advice and services straight from the source. Have all your queries addressed instantly with a dedicated support team at your disposal.

Partner Locator

We help deploy to the target of your choice – cloud providers like AWS, GCP, Azure, or on-premises data centers. The timeline to see results depends on the scope and complexity of the services required. However, with our expertise and approach, clients often see improvements in their DevOps lifecycle efficiency and software delivery speed within a few weeks. Look for providers with GitLab experts, proven experience in delivering DevOps transformations, capability to provide customized solutions, and a strong track record of successful GitLab implementations and migrations. Enhance your software development and delivery with an optimized DevOps lifecycle that enhances time to market.

  • We assess your current DevOps maturity and technology stack to find the gap between your existing state and requirements.
  • We take care of day-to-day GitLab management & support allowing your teams to focus on code, not infrastructure maintenance.
  • A large international bank sought to automate the process of granting instalment loans online, allowing customers to obtain loans without physically visiting a branch.
  • Version control is a system that helps track and manage changes made to files and software code over time.
  • How can we help you improve cycle time from weeks to minutes, reduce development costs and time to market while increasing developer productivity.

In addition, GitLab can be self-hosted, granting organizations full control over their codebase and infrastructure. Overall, GitLab serves as an extensive toolkit for seamless code collaboration, streamlined software development processes, and enhanced project management. Obviously, you’re looking for a better way to manage your CI/CD pipeline and GitLab is your solution. Embark on a seamless GitLab journey with our GitLab Implementation Quick Start service, meticulously crafted by our expert consulting team.

Multi-location Support

Our GitLab consultants will provide a detailed solution design, approach, and roadmap, & build a project plan while keeping security, scalability, and compliance in mind to achieve & support your organizational goals. Select partners are partners that make a greater investment in GitLab expertise, develop services practices around GitLab and are expected to drive greater GitLab product recurring revenues. With GitLab Implementation Specialist certification, partners now have a way to confirm their team members possess the skills needed to effectively deploy, install and configure the GitLab Platform. Team members who achieve the certification will be able to consult with customers to fit the right deployment architecture to the customer requirement. Additionally, this certification is the first step for partners to qualify as subcontractors to be able to deliver services sold by GitLab. For customers who might not know exactly what they need help with at the time of their license purchase/expansion, we can provide guidance on a wide range of topics including best practices, workflows, GitLab implementation, and data migration.

gitlab implementation consultant

Everything we do is public by default, from our company handbook to the issue trackers for our product. From choosing boring solutions to documenting everything and being managers of one, we strive to make fast progress on the right things. Find out how value stream management allows organisations to identify and examine inefficiencies in the DevOps process, and see a demonstration of GitLab’s Value Stream Analytics tool.

Optimized DevOps Lifecycle

Whether you are a large enterprise, smaller business or government entity, find the right GitLab Partner that understands your unique business and devops needs. Use the Gitlab Partner Locator to find resellers, solution provider or professional services experts to help you succeed with GitLab. We’ve simplified getting started with GitLab by partnering with leading cloud, DevSecOps, Technology, Solution, Resell and Training partners to help you deliver better software faster. Our GitLab ready integrations are a direct line to the environments and tools developers trust most. GitLab also offers partner certifications that enable partners to develop deeper GitLab expertise.

gitlab implementation consultant

“I was impressed with the amount of professionalism, communication, and speed of delivery.” Based on the proposed Gitlab solution, we match you with the most suitable Gitlab expert from our team. Meet & Review the proposed solutions, the trade-offs, and modify the Gitlab implementation plan based on your inputs. Advisory workshops focus on a specific workflow, feature, or functional section of GitLab. We learn about your goals and provide an example of how to solve the problem with GitLab.

Integration Services

For customers who want to modernize the way the deliver software using GitLab CI, we provide a skilled GitLab engineer to help build automated end to end automated CI/CD pipelines customized to your context. With Professional Services help, customers will be able accelerate their GitLab adoption journey with implementation, migration, advisory, acceleration, and education services designed to maximize the value GitLab can bring to their business. Automate software delivery, boost productivity, and secure your end-to-end software supply chain. TeamOps is GitLab’s unique people practice which makes teamwork an objective discipline. Through a free and accessible practitioner certification, other organizations can leverage TeamOps to make better decisions, deliver results, and move our world forward.