Benefits of Document Distribution Software

Document distribution software offers tools to easily send to, receive and track controlled documents such as blueprints proposals specifications, invoices, and more. It streamlines workflows, automates processes and ensures consistency in the creation of documentation. It also assists you in complying with regulatory adherence and audit trails.

Also referred to as a document management system or ECM (Enterprise Content Management) software document management shares files and creates a single location for all your documents and records. This allows users to quickly and efficiently access the information they need without the hassle of searching for files or waiting for documents to arrive in mail.

Document distribution systems include a range of features for collaboration on documents. They include the control of versions simultaneous editing, as well as communication between teams. It also offers security including password protection and encryption. It can even manage compliance and audit trails and retain records in accordance with policies.

Some document distribution systems offer a scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function to upload existing paper documents into the system. Certain document distribution software allows you to create documents and then store them on a desktop or mobile app. The most advanced solutions include indexing for powerful search capabilities and document tracking which will aid in finding documents later. For instance an invoice document that was created in July 2020 could be indexed based on the date and account number, making it easy for you to locate it when you require it.

A well-organized document distribution system also makes it possible to share entire documents or sections to specific individuals, such as clients, while regulating access levels. This helps reduce costs for labor and increases team morale and service to customers. It can also reduce the risk of human error which is all too common in organizations.